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  • Warmbac Tackle Bag 125m
  • Warmbac Tackle Bag 125m

Warmbac Tackle Bag 125m

Caving PVC tackle bag with a capacity sufficient for 125 meters of rope.

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An ideal sized outdoor centre bag, for carrying small items of equipment to the activity site.


  • Manufactured from heavy duty PVC, with cordura internal closure flap.
  • Inside pocket with velcro closure.
  • The shoulder straps are cordura with padded inserts.
  • Metal buckles attached the lower straps.
  • 25mm replaceable lower straps with a 12cm PVC protection sleeves at the base.
  • An internal rope attachment loop stitched to the straps.
  • Handle/hauling loop stitched from a single strip of 50mm webbing.
  • 50mm stainless D ring is fitted to the hauling loop.
  • 25mm webbing rear hauling loop.
  • 50mm side handle.
  • 25mm webbing insert to handles.
  • Double thickness pvc base.
  • 25mm webbing stitched around the base.
  • The Kidney shape base.
  • Three15mm eyeleted drain holes.
  • Webbing drag handle fitted to base.


  • Fabrics – PVC and Cordura
  • Dimensions - Height 64cm, Width 35cm, Depth 20cm, Pocket 20x20cm

Size: One size.

Warmbac Tackle Bags come in a range of sizes to meet the needs of every caver. They are designed from the outset with quality in mind and undergo rigorous testing in the field before production.

 Height 64cm.

Width 35cm.

Depth 20cm.

Pocket 20x20cm

One size