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  • Warmbac Daren Cilau Tackle Bag

Warmbac Daren Cilau Tackle Bag

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This cavers tackle bag has been designed in conjunction with members of the Daren Cilau digging team, to accommodate two daren drums, also with the extra features, to better withstand the rigors of the entrance crawl.
Manufactured from heavy duty PVC, with one 50mm side handle, 44mm shoulder straps with stainless steel adjustment buckles.
For extra protection, the lower part of the tackle bag is double thickness pvc. This material also protects the stitching for the lower shoulder straps. To further protect the bottom of the bag, we stitch 25mm webbing around the base.
The base has a 25mm drag handle, and 3x15mm eyeleted drain holes.
Dimensions: Height = 57cm, Base = 22cm