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  • SRT Kit ‘Budget’ Package

SRT Kit ‘Budget’ Package

Entry level SRT kit for novice or occasional cavers

£210.42 was £247.55 you save £37.13 (15%)

This is an ideal starter kit, containing good quality kit at a good price.

The kit contains a Petzl Simple, considered by some instructors as safer to learn with, ensures correct technique (and no "Clutch and Plummet"!), but we do offer the option to upgrade to a Petzl Stop.

For kit contents see TECH SPEC.

The kit comprises;

  • Petzl Croll Chest Ascender.
  • Petzl Basic Jammer.
  • 7mm Std Maillon Rapide
  • 9mm Combined Footloop/Security Cord.
  • Petzl Simple Descender
  • Steel Oval Screwgate Karabiner
  • Warmbac 3m Chest Tape
  • 2 Snap Gate Karabiners
  • 9mm Cows Tails
  • Petzl Superavanti Sit Harness
  • 10mm Semi Circular Maillon Rapide.

Petzl Avanti Harness:

Size 1 - (405g)

Waist: 60 - 95cm Thigh: 42 - 62cm

Size 2 - (440g)

Waist: 90 - 105cm Thigh: 52 - 77cm