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  • Raumer Stainless Steel Ring & 10mm Wing Hanger

Raumer Stainless Steel Ring & 10mm Wing Hanger


A very popular mountaineering, climbing and canyoning anchor, used to equip simple, efficient and secure belays at a very competitive price.

Used in pairs (for obvious safety reasons); usually with one as the load-bearing anchor and the other as a passive back-up.


Plate bent at 40°
Stainless Steel Round Ring Ø 10 mm
The internal diameter of the ring is an optimum 32mm, designed to save weight and bulk without impacting on versatility.
The ring hangs perpendicular to the face which means top-roping systems can be set up on either side and rope retrieval is easy: a very worthy advantage!
The rounded ring hardly exerts any friction on the rope as the weight is spread over 360°.
To meet the requirements of the EN 959, the plate is to be used with its Hang Fix


CE EN 795:2012 – Anchors type A
Complies with EN 959:2007 – Rock anchors
UIAA 123 - 2


Weight: 132 gr
Thick: 3,5 mm
Dimensions: 44 x 92 mm
Static Shear Strenght: 25 KN
Extraction Static Strenght: 29 KN
Usable by 1 person at a time
Warranty: 3 years