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  • Raumer Stainless Steel Bolt with O-Ring M8 x 16mm

Raumer Stainless Steel Bolt with O-Ring M8 x 16mm


13mm stainless steel bolts with threaded shank. M8 x 25. Length = 16mm. Includes rubber O-Ring.

Suitable for equipping a hanger with a Ø8 hole with a hex M8x16 corrosion-resistant steel captive screw. Once the screw has been inserted into the hanger’s hole, insert the rubber washer onto the threaded shank. The screw becomes fixed to the hanger and cannot be removed accidentally. The washer does not detract from the placement of the screw.

The strength rating of the stainless steel screws is slightly lower than the galvanised steel class 8.8, but nonetheless guarantees high resistance to shear and tensile force. However the toughness of the stainless steel is exceptional which is preferable to mere mechanical strength. In addition the stainless steel is very durable (in caves) and will last for a long time (although naturally, nothing lasts forever!).

Weight of complete set: 108 grams

R = 18 kN