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  • Raumer Minox Stainless Steel 8mm Hanger

Raumer Minox Stainless Steel 8mm Hanger


Stainless steel AISI 316L bolt hanger with stainless steel security screw M8x16mm

Specifically designed for caving anchors.


This replaces the popular previous model with subtle improvements:

It is lighter
It has a larger hole to accommodate the carabiner This allows for easier insertion and increased mobility.
It is possible to attach two carabiners simultaneously. It is now possible to attach lanyards directly to the bolt hanger, which is particularly advantageous when a section of rope is particularly short.
The new design has retained the former model's breakage resistance.
Polished finish (the matt grey finish used to mitigate visual pollution is unnecessary on caving anchors), allowing for easy removal of mud and dirt.
The new design makes it perfect for use in caving
Light and compact, it is small and exceptionally strong.
It is best placed in conjunction with SPIT-ROC M8 or our stainless steel RAINOX M8 anchors (art.130).

Rt= 22 kN                   Ra= 18 kN 

Weight: 48 gr