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  • Raumer Full Time 10mm Expansion Bolt & Hanger

Raumer Full Time 10mm Expansion Bolt & Hanger


Fixed stainless steel bolt. The hanger is formed from AISI 316L (2013) but the shank is stainless steel AISI 303.

It is composed of a MINOX multi-directional bolt hanger attached to a Ø10x37 expansion bolt.

The shank houses a pin which fixes the expansion element.

The permanent nature of this article makes it particularly suited to the construction of fixed caving anchors.



Using a hand drill, drill a 10mm diameter hole at least 40mm deep.

Insert the shank into the hole and strike the pin squarely with a hammer to fix the bolt permanently in place.


Weight: 66 gr

Rt = 22 kN     Ra = 18 kN