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  • Raumer ‘Europe’ 10mm Anchor

Raumer ‘Europe’ 10mm Anchor


A belay anchor for climbing and canyoning use.

An innovative, practical and resistant anchor.


Composed of a stainless steel AISI 316L Ø13mm ring, this product resembles and acts as a carabiner fixed perpendicular to the face.

Recommended use: belays or for top-roping lower-offs.

These anchors must be placed in pairs to ensure maximum safety.

One of the anchors must be used as a “passive” back-up, which also prevents the rope from twisting. For correct placement and positioning please read the instructions for similar articles 185 and 186.

To place, use a Hang Fix Ø10 (see relevant articles 157 and 150), choosing an appropriate length for the consistency of the rock.

Highly resistant to wear as the rope runs against a 13mm diameter surface.

Rt = 30 kN

Ra (up to 40°) = 25 kN

Weight: 170 gr