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  • Ortlieb Heavyweight Dry Bag
  • Ortlieb Heavyweight Dry Bag

Ortlieb Heavyweight Dry Bag

Orlieb 100% waterproof heavyweight dry bag PS490, in three sizes

From £19.00

The Ortlieb PS490 dry bags is made from ORTLIEB’s strongest heavy-duty fabrics, they can withstand just about anything and are 100% waterproof. They feature a roll-down closure with stiffener bar, a tough base that makes packing easier than ever, and D-rings for securing inside a boat or on top of a luggage rack. The PS 490 bags are designed for extreme applications and are even used as haul sacs. All sizes 59 litres and above feature additional side handles. The model in black-lime has a valve for deflation and easier packing.


  • Buckles with two D-rings for securing or locking
  • Base loop for fixing or holding during unpacking
  • Easy to clean inside
  • Sturdy heavy duty dry bag for extreme conditions
  • Version black-lemon with valve for deflation and inflation
  • Strong robust coated fabric with excellent increased tear-resistance
  • Loop at the bottom for anchoring or holding (when pulling contents out of the bag)
  • With two D-rings for safeguarding
  • Bottom made of PD 620 (higher stability when putting down)
  • Suitable for caving or other heavy duty purposes
  • Easy to clean inside