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  • Of Caves and Caving

Of Caves and Caving


"What is caving? Caving is fun. Caving is in the darkness. Caving is illuminating. Caving is dangerous. Caving is a minority sport for idiots." This book comes tantalizingly close to explaining the reasons why apparently sane, rational individuals are driven by some mysterious force to take seemingly senseless risks in the exploration of caves and underground caving systems. The author's exciting journey takes us through a series of adventures beginning at a time when potholers were regarded as rather eccentric, a belief reinforced by the popular press, hungry for news of every mishap or accident. 
The journey continues as an eloquently written whistle-stop tour spanning four decades and several continents giving an insight into "what makes cavers tick." There is something here for everyone-from the experienced hard man to non-caver alike, with tales to suit all tastes, of exploits from the humorous to terrifying, with interesting anecdotes that will maintain the reader's interest throughout. Each step of the journey keeps one wondering what lies around the next corner.