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  • Inglesport T5000 Box
  • Inglesport T5000 Box
  • Inglesport T5000 Box
  • Inglesport T5000 Box

Inglesport T5000 Box

Ideal for Food, First Aid Kit, Camera...


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Inglesport cases are manufactured with the highest grade materials. Each of the cases are watertight, virtually indestructible and carries a lifetime guarantee.  High impact resistant ABS plastic, stainless steel hinge pins, foam lines interior and a silicone cord for that perfect seal assure your valuables are protected. Inglesport cases are a world leader in waterproof protection. With a rating of up to 100 feet (33 meters) underwater this case takes some beating.

Compound Latch for a more positive seal and easy opening Locking feature for absolute security. Purge valve, Pick and pluck foam included. Watertight seam and foam cushioned interior.

Available in Black and Yellow. ​


Handheld Electronics
Med Kit
Scientific Equipment
Two Way Radio
Video Camera



High Impact ABS
#316 Stainless Steel Pins
Foam Lined 1/8″ 2a Volara
Nylon Cord

Inside Dimensions:

9.37″ long
7.34″ wide
4.08″ deep
238.0 mm long
186.4 mm wide
103.6 mm deep

Temperature Range:

-30 F to 175 F

Outside Dimensions:

10.18″ long
8.55″ wide
4.78″ deep
258.6 mm long
217.2 mm wide
121.4 mm deep


2.80 lbs
1.3 kg

Depth Rating:

80 Feet for
30 minutes*

* Case contents are not warranted. Cases should be tested prior to submersion.

All cases conform to MIL-STD-810F Transit Drop Test and Immersion Test and SAE J575 Dust Resistant Test.

Inside Dimensions:

9.37″ long
7.34″ wide
6.08″ deep
238.0 mm long
186.4 mm wide
154.4 mm deep


average from 1 review
Moments of madness led us to test the waterproof box by S3, to give the box a proper test we filled it full of Cheesy Wotsits and submerged it in a bowl of water for 2 hours, on opening the box we found the Cheesy Wotsits to be in perfect edible condition,.......5 Stars all the way!!!!