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  • DMM Pivot
  • DMM Pivot
  • DMM Pivot
  • DMM Pivot

DMM Pivot

A belay device featuring an innovative pivot system that allows greater control and safety when lowering a climber in guide mode

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It provides optimum performance both belaying from the harness and directly from the anchor in guide mode.

The unique pivot system (patent pending) allows controlled and easily initiated lowering when used in guide mode.

In this mode the Pivot allows the belayer to lower a single second or two seconds, simultaneously or individually, with total control using the specially shaped biner cavity.

Perfect partner for the DMM Boa HMS Lock Safe

The Pivot is also a trusty abseil partner for the return to base.

More informations :

Suitable for ropes from 7.3mm to 11mm.
Optimised for 8mm to 10.5mm

Weight : 72g