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  • DMM Brass Offsets

DMM Brass Offsets

based on the design of the original and popular HB Offset Nuts in a range of seven sizes

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DMM have tweaked the original design with a few modern improvements, such as a swage thats crimped on one side only, allowing one wire to run free and keep the head optimally loaded.

The silicon brass used for the head is specifically chosen for its hardness to strength ratio, meaning it will be soft enough to 'bite' on the rock, but not be too soft and shear. Every unit produced is also proof loaded to 75% of its rated strength before DMM let it go.

Each Brass Offset has a colour coded alloy swage, meaning size selection is made more straight forward.

  • Silicon Bronze heads
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Silver soldered by hand
  • Colour coded alloy swages
  • Sizes 0-6
Variant Weight Strength Colour Cat No
HB Brass Offset 0 4g 2kN Gold A1700
HB Brass Offset 1 7g 4kN Blue A1701
HB Brass Offset 2 9g 5kN Red A1702
HB Brass Offset 3 10g 5kN Grey A1703
HB Brass Offset 4 14g 7kN Purple A1704
HB Brass Offset 5 17g 7kN Green A1705
HB Brass Offset 6 24g 10kN Silver A1706
HB Brass Offsets 2-4 33g - - A1702/04
HB Brass Offsets 0-6 85g - - A1700/06