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  • Descent 253

Descent 253


Descent (253), December 2016


That Wicked Smile

We sadly say farewell to a talented caver, leader and photographer, Paul Dold – the man with an infectious, wicked smile.

The Boreham Extensions

After access was lost for many years, Boreham Cave is once more revealing some of its incredible sights and secrets.

Caves in an Ancient Land

The Bible is filled with references to caves, so cavers who follow every lead might consider exploring the depths of Israel – though it might not be that simple.

Hidden Earth on Steroids

For a week in August cavers descended on and into the caves of the Yorkshire Dales: it was time to get down and dirty for EuroSpeleo 2016.

Cave Science
Life in Matienzo

The cave life of Matienzo is being documented in an ongoing biological project.

Write it Down!
The Curse of Borovitz

Dave Gill remembers the year of 1982, when Sid Perou was shooting a caving film in Mexico.

The Mammoth Photographer

Cave photographers have never had it so good – take a look at what was required in 1866.

Caption Competition
Valvasor's Speleothems

Our latest Caption Competition is drawing to a close: don’t forget to enter!

Cover:  Adrian Hall in Tinkle Tubes, Boreham Cave. Photo: Dave Ryall
Back cover: Conny Straub in the Eiskogelhöhle, a high-altitude ice cave in the Tennengebirge, Austria. Photo: Rainer Straub