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  • CT Click-Up Belay Device

CT Click-Up Belay Device


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CLICK UP is an innovative insurer specifically designed for climbing at the crag. Easy to use, intuitive and safe, it is extremely compact and lightweight.

Use of absolute safety! The last and crucial function occurs in case of misuse: If CLICK UP is used incorrectly, thanks to special slots braking V, while guaranteeing effective insurance.This feature is very important because it counteracts the numerous errors that often occur when using the other insurers and makes CLICK UP ideal for rock climbing schools and gyms.

CLICK UP is provided and must be used with the carabiner special CONCEPT SGL HC, anodized anti-wear and ACL system that prevents the possibility of loading on the minor axis.Patented and produced entirely in Italy.

Main features:

  • It lets take a rope so fast and smoothly;
  • It allows to arrest a fall simply holding their free side of the rope;
  • It is used without acting on levers or mechanical parts to drop just a slight pressure on the tool;
  • particularly suitable for beginners and children because intuitive, error-proof.


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