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  • Caves And Karst Of The Yorkshire Dales Volume 1

Caves And Karst Of The Yorkshire Dales Volume 1

A reference work for everyone from academic geographers to dedicated cave explorers


This book - in two volumes - presents an overview of all aspects of the great cave systems and spectacular karst landforms in the limestone terrain of the Yorkshire Dales. Thirty-one authors, all experts in their fields, have produced authoritative and up-to-date texts, which have been drawn together by editors Tony Waltham and David Lowe, each of whom has extensive experience of the Dales, both above and below ground. Volume One, published in 2013, contains all the overview chapters covering individual aspects of the geomorphology, speleology and science relevant to the Yorkshire Dales. Volume Two, published in 2017, contains chapters that describe the major caves and a regional overview for each of 17 areas within and around the Yorkshire Dales karst. The book is aimed at anyone with a serious interest in the Dales, and that will include everyone from the academic geographers to the dedicated cave explorers.

WALTHAM, Tony and David LOWE (eds.) (2013). Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales (Volume 1) . Buxton: British Cave Research Association. ISBN 978-0-900265-46-4 (softback). 264pp, A4, all in colour, with 165 maps and diagrams, 49 tables, and 354 photographs.