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  • Beal Antidote 10.2mm Dynamic Climbing Rope 50m, 60m

Beal Antidote 10.2mm Dynamic Climbing Rope 50m, 60m

From £80.00

This dynamic rope is a versatile climbing rope, suitable for single/multi pitch traditional routes, sport routes and occasional indoor climbing. It's larger diameter lends itself to beginners to promote handling when belaying and increased abrasion resistance prolongs the life. Ideal for cows tails for caving or rope belays. 

• Handling and compactness
• Easy to handle when belaying
• High abrasion resistance

Beal is a small family business employing 45 people, situated in Vienne, in the French Department of Isere. Despite its modest size, Beal qualifies as one of the world's premier manufacturers of climbing and security ropes. This leading position is explained by indisputable technical advances in the production process compared to its competitors.

Over 8 million metres of rope which leave the premises in Vienna annually are supported by a worldwide network of high quality distributors spanning 40 different countries!

ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing production quality, Beal devotes 5% of its turnover to research and development. Additionally, a good part of the promotion budget goes to sponsoring stars of the climbing and mountaineering world; from Adam Ondra to Lynn Hill, from Yuji Hirayama to Fred Rouhling, several of the leading lights of climbing form part of the "Beal Team". Beal are the first manufacturer to have obtained CE approval for its semi-static (low stretch) ropes, additionally Beal is also very active in the field of security and working ropes used in industry.

Since starting with Yannick Seigneur, then accelerating with Patrick Edlinger, the story of Beal ropes has been marked by passion and research. The Brand has been at the heart of every significant change in the practice of climbing since the 1980's. The development of rope dynamics, demanded by the new breed of climber who treated falling as a natural part of their sport, allowing them to be liberated from the pain of the fall! Thus freed of this psychological barrier, energy and focus is concentrated on the movements of climbing, leading to spectacular progress.

Available in a 50m and 60m length in the colour blue.