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  • Alp Design Fedra

Alp Design Fedra

A full body harness designed for caving

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A full body harness designed for caving, it's extremely comfortable thanks to the 75mm webbing waist and leg loops, particularly good for long descents and ascents thanks to a very low tie in point.

Complete with a fully adjustable chest tape to help locate the croll into the correct position. also fitted with 2 very generous gear loops. and a front body strap which keeps the harness fitting flush to the body.

CE Certified.

Sizing Guide

XS - Waist 75-80cm - Leg Loop - 45-65cm

S - Waist 80-85cm - Leg Loop - 50-70cm

M - Waist 85-90cm - Leg Loop - 54-75cm

L - Waist 90-95cm - Leg Loop - 57-80cm

XL - Waist 95-100cm - Leg Loop - 60-80

XXL - Waist 100-105cm - Leg Loop 65-85