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  • Alp Design Avalon Caving Sit Harness

Alp Design Avalon Caving Sit Harness

Alp Design lightweight caving sit harness

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The Avalon has the appearance of a climbing harness, with a well padded belt and leg loops, plus twin gear loops. It is however an effective caving harness, with a very low central attachment point to facilitate efficient prussiking. It also has four light alloy buckles - two on the legs and two on the belt for a close and neat fit over different layers of clothing. Where cavers are not wearing heavier oversuits or undersuits, the extra padding could be very useful.

Size 1 - Waist 80-90cm / Leg 40-55cm

Size 2 - Waist 70-100cm / Leg 45-65cm

Size 3 - Waist 80-120cm / Leg 50-75cm