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About us

The business started in 1977 when Alan and Deanne Steele bought the old chip shop on the corner of Ingleton's main square.

At that time there was no dedicated outdoor equipment shop in Ingleton.

Alan and Deanne set about changing all that, initially catering to the thriving caving community. But soon realised there was demand for a wider product range, and so they developed new lines in climbing equipment, outdoor clothing, foot wear and accessories.

Later a cafe was added above the shop. And then, realising that a wet day in the Dales can spoil everyone's plans, they bought an old barn building in the village and developed it into an indoor climbing wall. This has been developed to encompass a wide range of high quality routes and boulder problems, across the spectrum of grades

When Alan and Deanne retired, the company was purchased by David Rowe, a local man with a passion for the outdoors and a regular climber. He is keen to bring youth to the climbing and caving scene, and smaller sizes of outdoor equipment are readily available. Routes at the climbing wall are being developed with smaller arm spans in mind, along with junior clubs and tuition for youngsters.

Expert Advice

All our staff are experienced, active outdoor enthusiasts, so you get upto-the-minute advice on the latest and best gear and equipment.